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Summary: A young but brutal Admiral

Admiral Silva

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Galactic Empire




Admiral of the IV Khan

Physical Appearance

Silva wears the white uniform of an admiral, she keeps her hair long and going down her back. When off duty she wears the latest fashion.


Silva is cold and calculated when in her field, and isn't afraid to sacrifice a few soldiers for victory. She often uses her tactics for brutal efficiency.

Outside of work she acts very feminine, twisting many men around her finger, all expect for Wrathious, who she personally enjoys his company.


Silva started from the bottle of the Imperial Fleet. However by using her charm, tactics, and consistency of victory, she rose the ranks in remarkable progress. She is quite young for her age, but her tactics show other wise. She met Wrathious when he aided her fleet in hunting down rebels who attempted to run off with his ship. She invited him to the Emperor's paries and introduced him to Palatine. In return to getting Grievous base, Dilva was instructed to keep an eye on him, a job she was more than happier to do.

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Image of Admiral Silva
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