Wraithious motioned hia droids to start moving things around. Looking at an officer, he grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved him to the computer, slamming down a chip. "Look through this list, tell me if any of these names look familiar." The officer wanted to retaliate, but thought better of it. The kaalesh looked up at the statue of Grevious, before he had become a cyborg. "I will restore our homelord, I swear it."
Silva found her way to Wasyer, "Apologizes old friend about the rudness from before."

"I'll say, what the hell was that about?" The man snapped at her.

"Wraithious is a very important asset. You see, he might not be a sith lord like lord Vader or have the same abilities as the inquisitors, he has an ability unlike anything we have seen. No one who is connected to the force can hide from him. While the sith fail to find someone in plain sight, Wraithious can sense them, find them, and bring them to our mighty Emperor. Also, he brings some older tactics when dealing with the rebels, one not seen since the clone wars. If ylu wish, we can talk more about this, how about over a drink?" She gave him a cold smile.


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