Silva's Secrets

Commander Wasyer stomped to his quarters, he felt betrayed by Admiral Silva, somebody he had trusted for so long. He pulled out his communicator and contacted another officer stationed on the base, Commander Tosc. "Tosc... Wasyer here."
"What the hell was that down there?" Tosc's crackled voice responded
"I don't know, but I don't like it. Why would the Emperor invite an outsider to this base and then let him practically run the place!"
"This is Silva's doing. She can't be trusted,"
"I have trusted her for a very long time. But it's true, something about this feels off, like we have been left out of the picture. She should have communicated with us more Tosc!"

Tosc's somewhat distressed voice whispered out the communicator: "What should we do?"
"We need to look further into this. Try and find out more about this Wrathious character and Tosc don't get on his bad side. It's one of your bad habits and right now we can't afford that."
"Whatever you say, I will do what I can as quietly as I can. I'll make sure Silva doesn't hear anything! Over and out." An electronic beep signalled that Tosc had disconnected. Wasyer pocketed his communicator and started to think. He held his thumb to his chin, how he thought could he get more information out of Silva or how could he earn the trust of the mysterious Wrathious.


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