A Friendly Drink

Wasyer followed Silva to a private lounge for only the highest ranking officers, he approached the bar, it was staffed by a single droid. "What can I get you Commander?" the droid buzzed
"A glass of Mijura if you will."
"What can I get you Admiral?" the droid buzzed again with its head component rotating slightly towards Silva. "A large Nikta, iced." Silva said in a commanding tone. The droid quickly turned around and started to pour the drinks. Wasyer slowly approached Silva.
"I have to say Silva, I still don't agree with all this business. This place was affective because we followed everything to the book. I've never seen a man fault once under mine or your command." Wasyer complained. The droid turned to both of them and placed two ice cold glasses besides them. "Admiral - you're ice cold glass of Nikta. Commander - a large Mijura." Silva nodded to the droid and took her glass into her hands. "I am aware of an important operation on the planet Cerea, an operation that I believe we were being dispatched to. I believe you have heard of Darsh Abalam, who is onboard the Malice." Wasyer continued.
"I'm aware of that man, yes. Why?"
"Well he personally contacted me. I was so surprised I had heard he wasn't an easy man to get hold of. But for some reason he personally requested the both of us!"
"Why wouldn't he contact me himself?" Silva questioned.
"Maybe he hadn't got around to it yet, but then this Wrathious business happened. Is there something larger afoot here that we both don't know about? A secret?" Wasyer stared into Silva's eyes.


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