Need a hound to hunt

Silva merely smiled, "Wraithious can find subjects that the Inquisitors themselves fail to find. You need a hound to hunt after all, he also brings tactics not seen since the Clone Wars. " She pulled out a blade, "A Kaleesh hunting knife, brought here by Wraithious himself. A beautiful thing, isn't it." Wayser gave a nod, "It's very beautiful, but why show it to me?" Silva put the blade up to his throat and whispered to him, "Just because it's beautiful, doesn't mean it's weak, these blades can gut the most powerful of beasts of Kalee, so this is your final warning, try anything against me, you will join the many dead rebels." She pulled the knife away and put it away. "We will need Wraithious, he is very useful, and has much more use for this fortress than we did. Trust me." She passed her empty glass back to the droid, "Refill." She commanded the droid, which did as it was told.

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