The Blade

The droid quickly refilled Silva's drink and passed it over. Wasyer looked at her in distain. "You really think it right to threaten me? You wish to gut me like an animal? So be it, you and your friend do what you want to do I merely proposed a theory. You know what Silva you seem scared..."
"I'm not scared!" Silva laughed.
"I hope that one day this Wrathious doesn't betray your trust. Because if he does and you come running back for my help I'll guarantee you won't get it." Wasyer picked up his empty glass and threw it to the ground in an almighty bad temper, shards of glass spread below their boots. "I'm going to Cerea, like I am ordered, hopefully Grand Admiral Abalam has more sense than you!" Wasyer shouted raising his finger to Silva's face. He turned and left the bar, a group of cleaning droids came racing down to hallway to sort out the broken pieces of glass. Silva watched on as he left the room.

To Be Continued...

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