The hope of the past is now present

Malakai going by the name Jane Doe at the rehabilitation facility finally felt ready she snuck into the storage facility where they kept her personal possessions. She found her stuff. Her robe and clothes were in tatters from the last fight, plus the robe would be a detriment. She found more clothes belonging to patients, she looked through them and find several patients shared her size. She accessed the facility's database on the associated patients. She discovered one patient was in a coma and had been for quite some time. Other info suggested that this patient would no longer fit these clothes if she ever came out of the coma. So she stole the clothes reluctantly. She tucked her lightsabers inside her pants until she could find a harness to hook them up inside her jacket. Her vambraces she wore as they were designed to hide their true purpose. The bag of kyber crystals she checked to make sure they were all still there and they were. She put the bag inside a pocket on the inside of her jacket.

After acquiring her possessions she snuck out of the facility and onto a starship that leaving. The ship landed on Nar Shaddaa. She was very familiar with that place, other than the tech being way more advanced it hadn't changed much it was still the cesspool it has always been. She passed herself off as a bounty hunter and smuggler. The clothes she took had some money in them, she used that money to buy a pazaak deck. Using her lightsabers to trade in for credits she entered a pazaak tournament. She could have used her connection to the force to subtly influence the game in her favor, but she didn't. She improved her deck with each game, cause the loser not only lost their money but their deck as well. On the eve of the grand finale of the tournament, she was approached by someone who wanted to convince her to take a dive. She understood that not agreeing meant they would attempt to kill her. Since she wasn't ready to openly use lightsabers in combat much less the Force she told them she agreed to their terms. She took some of her winnings so far and bought a blaster and holster to strap to her leg.

On the final day of the tournament, she played to win. Assuming they weren't stupid enough to attack a room full of people where almost all of them were armed. She was right she won more than enough to buy a ship. She bought a YT-1300f light freighter. As she was about to board she was confronted by those who demanded she take a dive.

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