Enter the Terminator

Mia finished protecting some jackass on Nar Shaddaa. He got himself killed in a duel. With him dead, she looted his corpse. She proceeded to the docks to find someone leaving she could book passage with maybe someone hiring.

She came upon the scene of a battle. A single person behind cover exchanging blaster fire with six goons. She sized up the situation. She noticed the single person was intentionally not taking shots she could have easily made. She also noticed when she did that there were usually people running for cover behind the goons.

Mia decided to grant this unknown woman a freebie. She snuck behind the first person and stabbed them from behind with her Kyuzo petar. He went down with little noise. She then took cover and pulled out her DC-17m ICWS and attached the sniper rifle configuration. She took out two more with a shot to a canister of fuel right behind them. They went fast but it was very painful.

Mia noticed the woman she was helping took out two more while the thugs were distracted. The last two were easily taken out. One by Mia and one by the woman she was helping.

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