Bad Temper vs Wrath

The clean up droids immediately began to clean up the mess made from the Commander, "I might not be able to do much against him, now my friend Wrathious doesn't have that to worry about."
She smiled at the thought.
Wraithious and his droids were rearranging the fortress, the Kalessh turned his attention to a fumming commander, "Commander Wayser, my guess is Silva got on you're bad side. Something we both deal with."
His droids pulled out a strange blue crystal, and offered it to the man, "This is a Kyber crystal. In the time of the Jedi, they were used to make powerful weapons, much like the one Lord Vader wields. You being an imperial, I think you will like to have it, maybe create a weapon to impress your superiors, or sell it. Up to you, I don't care. I just want you to know what I hunt." He then kicked down an old door, "Ah, there it is." Inside was a large collection of lightsabers, "I found his collection."

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