The Glimmer

Liviu looked closely at the Kyber Crystal, then his eyes turned to Wrathious who was looking through the deadlocked archive room. "I see what you are doing Wrathious. You wish to impress me, get me out of your hair, I understand." He looked at the crystal again, this time perching his spectacles on the bridge of his nose. It had the most intense glimmer of any jewel or ore he had ever seen, he had heard of Kyber Crystals of course, but never seen one. "Tell me Wrathious, is this a fake?" Wrathious stood up and turned to Wasyer. He was dead silent. "I don't mean to question the integrity of your gift, I just ask why me? Just an ordinary commander, nothing special, not at all gifted. These things don't come cheap, you could fund the production of an entire army of droids with the price of this Kyber Crystal. Why not pay off Silva if you find her such a nuisance?" Wasyer's words grew slower, the entire time he had been speaking Wrathious had been stepping ever closer towards him. "I'm not afraid..." Liviu whispered to himself. He quickly pocketed the Kyber Crystal and continued to stare Wrathious in the eye.

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