New owner new name?

Malakai cautiously approached Miahal. She kept her blaster pistol in her hand not completely lowered. "Thank you for the assistance miss. The name's Malakai. New to these parts."

Miahal noticed the blaster still in Malakai's hands. Miahal put her blaster rifle away. "You're welcome. Just paying those goons back for making my job on this planet harder than it had to be. The name's Miahal. If that is your ship..." She pointed to the YT-1300f light freighter behind Malakai. "I could use a ride off-planet. I can pay in several forms of currency or we can negotiate a trade of services."

Malakai holstered her blaster pistol but never took her hand off it. "That's my ship. Just bought it. Those goons wanted me to take a dive in a pazaak tournament. I didn't listen. I won anyway. Before I let you onboard I need to know how do you feel about the Empire."

Miahal rested her hands on her hips by her blaster pistols. "Governments no matter who is in control provide ample opportunities for my services. Sometimes I am even employed by them. Specifically the Empire though..." She stealthily pulled one of her Kyuzo petars from its sheath and whispered. "they are the biggest threat to my bottom line."

Malakai took her hand off her blaster pistol. "In that case welcome aboard. You can call me Kai." Miahal put her Kyuzo petar away. "My friends call me Mia." Both ladies entered the ship. "So Kai what's the name of your ship?" Malakai stopped to think. "The guy who sold it to me said it was called Wailing Wind. I was thinking of renaming it New Beginnings or Stormfalcon."

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