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Summary: Imperial Commander Wasyer

Commander Liviu Wasyer

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Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: Galactic Empire




Imperial Commander

Physical Appearance

Wasyer is a slim pale almost sickly looking man. He has a thin pencil moustache above his lip, his hair is a light brown. He wears the standard grey Imperial uniform.


Wasyer can be bad tempered and sometimes untrustworthy of others, growing up he felt he experienced a lot of betrayal after hearing years of Imperial lies. But like a sheep he follows for now...


Liviu was born on Corulag, his mother passed away while he was a baby. His father was a researcher who died in a freak accident when Wasyer was around ten. He grew up feeling lonely, abandoned by everyone around him. When he was recruited by the Empire he finally thought he found his purpose in life and eventually reached the rank of Commander.

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Image of Commander Liviu Wasyer
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