Wrathious stared for a moment, "Because I need Silva around if I am to reach my goal." He turned to the collection of light sabers, and alighted one, a green light shown brightly. "If you don't trust the material, you can take the one within this lightsaber." He shut the weapon off, and looked at the others, "They need modifications, to fit my needs. Turn these old weapons into something of importance, something that be worth something. The Emperor wants me to hunt down potential jedi, and bring them to him, so they can be "reassigned" as something else. Like inquisitors." His droids began to gather the stash of lightsabers, "I am a hound Commander, and Silva is the huntsman, a good hound is better than a incontinent huntsman. Remember that." He turned to the droids, "Take this to the engineers, we have work to do."

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