Two birds one stone.

Kai's stomach started making noise, she left looking for food. She looked all over the ship but couldn't find a bite or a crumb. She returned to the cockpit. "What's the closest hospitable planet. The previous owner didn't leave any food behind and I didn't have time before we left."

Mia looked at the navigational console. "Got a planet coming up. A good place to pick up work too." Mia motioned for Kai to set down. Kai did as suggested. Mia brought them out of hyperspace. Mia navigated the docking protocols and landing.

After landing, Kai went to find food while Mia went looking for work.

Kai brought back two months' worth of food. Mia brought back cargo and a Togruta passenger.

Mia made the introductions. "Kai this is Jukdiner Maardilemm. Mr. Maardilemm this is Malakai Burnlaye. Mr. Maardilemm needs a ride. This cargo is going to some friends you would like to meet." The boxes lacked any kind of marking. "Let's put the cargo in the forward cargo hold. Mr. Maardilemm where are you going?" He followed Kai up the ramp. "Doesn't really matter. Just need to get off this planet." That raised red flags for Kai. "Everything on this planet reminds me of..." Jukdiner stopped before he started to cry. Kai hugged him. "I understand." Kai led him to the lounge. "If you need anything let me know. I'm going to go help load the cargo."

"Did he tell you everything?" Kai answered no. "His wife and children were killed by the Empire. I think he might make a good recruit for our friends."

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