Lana looked out the shuttle window upon the new ship that would serve as her new post slight disgust the Q as it was called was was a fairly large but unremarkable ship looking more to fit in with a merchant or hut fleet rather than the Dagger shaped imperial design. She did not agree with her new assignment but orders were orders. Upon landing in The hangar she was greeted by a female Chiss in an admirals uniform. "Admiral"she responded snapping to attention and giving her a salute.

"Captain Cosgrove I've been waiting your arrival come we have to meet with the others"Sylvia spoke a shrewd smile on her face she walked away Cosgrove fast behind her. As they walked to the hallway she spoke again almost reading the young woman's thoughts "I know this ship has the most dreadful design doesn't it nothing like the clean imperial Star destroyers You're used to but it serves its purpose we can't exactly wave the imperial flag where we're going. "

Stepping into meeting room Cosgrove was created by the site of several imperial officers and two individuals that caught her attention, the first was a Kaleesh who had modeled himself after an old separatist General. The second surprised her even more,a Storm commando in full year sitting at the back of the room. She had heard rumors about them but had never seen one in person, supposedly they were able to accomplish tasks that not even battalions of stormtroopers could.

"Now that we're all here we can begin the meeting"Sylvia spoke before walking to the center of the room activating a holo table.

"The Empire decided that the Hutts have grown to arrogant over time, they forgotten who rightfully rules this galaxy as a such we will be assisting in operations to cripple their infrastructure. We have also received intelligence rebels or operating within space an attempt to secure some sort of alliance I think I speak for everyone when I say that this cannot be allowed to happen. We will now be heading out to Hutt space you will receive further information when we arrive dismissed."

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