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Summary: Only two things matter the mission and killing rebels.


Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Galactic Empire


Space born


Imperial storm commando

Physical Appearance

Tall, muscular, and intimidating build. Has pale skin with a clean shaven face and head though rarely seen outside of his imperial storm commando armor.


Cold, Serious, and calculating willing to complete the mission no matter the cost.


Born and raised on the Republic space station that would turn imperial Stone would be raised by two Loving parents who were loyal officers in the Empire. When he became of age he enlisted in the imperial academy. During his enrollment he would find that his parents died during a rebel attack on the space station, this news would cause him to have an intense hatred of then rebellion causing him to crack down on them ruthlessly once he became a stormtrooper is brutal methods would cause him to be recruited into the Storm commandos.

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Image of Stone
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