Incoming Storm

In orbit above the planet Denon

Stone sat quietly with his squad aboard the Imperial shuttle on the way back to their ship the situation they came to when arriving on the planet had left him in an irritable mood during his entire duration. After reviewing the footage the assault in the weapons facility there was only one logical conclusion for the Imperial defeat, incompetence something that's sadly seemed to spread throughout the Imperial ranks far too often these days.

Had the Imperial officers in charge had a shred of intelligence and this assault would have been nothing but a minor skirmish, however it was not for him to judge he was sent there to do a job and he had done it.

After several minutes the shuttle had docked into the Imperial escort carrier, the ship used exclusively by the storm commandos, stepping out of the shuttle and back onto the ship he felt at ease the mission had been completed and now he can focus on the next one. Dismissing his squad he made his way towards the briefing room to report on the success of the mission. Once inside the room a transmission opened up a stone came face to face with the handler.

"I trust the mission was successful?"the handler spoke in an emotionless tone.

"The planet is back under Imperial control, the weapons factory is restored to peak operational capabilities, and the local crime syndicates and civilians know what will happen if they tolerate the rebels again." Stone spoke his own voice containing no emotion as well "I'm also happy to report that we were able to neutralize one of the former crime Lords as the try to reenter the system

"Excellent I'll be sure to let Abalam he can expect his Farghul pelt soon enough" the handler replied a slight smile on his face "the next mission is on Nal Hutta, the disgusting slugs have had it in their minds they can challenge the might of them Empire. Local Imperial forces are devising a plan to remind them that they exist because we allow it, I'm sending you that to make sure the operation goes without a hitch you'll be receiving details soon enough."

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