Enkindle: Crutch

Kye did his best to keep up with Phenix, avoiding shots being fired at him. The panic was attempting to take over and all he could do was fight it down with all of his will power. Each time he got a chance, he would jerk the sniper rifle up and shoot down a trooper, only for them to be replaced with another.

"I'm going to run out of ammo at this rate," He grunted just before a storm trooper slammed into him. Yelling out, Kye went to the ground with the soldier and a fist slammed into his face. The sniper rifle went flying, skidding across the hard floor as the red head grabbed his knife from within the bag he carried.

Wrapping a hand around Kye's neck, the trooper started calling into a communicator. Fear of having more enemies falling upon him, the older teen slammed the blade of his knife up and into the neck of the storm trooper, making the man go silent for a moment. It felt as if time had frozen, as if Kye were in another place and time.

What had he just done?

Jerking away from Kye, the storm trooper grabbed at the blade and foolishly pulled it out. Blood gushed and spilled as the man fell back, gurgling something incoherent as the older teen gazed at him. A memory flashed across his mind and tears threatened to spill down his face.

"Oh, god..." He whispered.

Before he could get lost in the horror of the memory, a familiar voice called out. "Phenix! Kye!" Aurora's voice was loud and clear, yet there was a hint of pain. That sound brought him back almost instantly and the sixteen-year-old was on his feet before he realized it.

Grabbing up his knife and sniper rifle, he ran toward her voice. Even Phenix was chirping happily as they grew closer to her. "Aurora!" Kye called out the moment he saw her. Or, more importantly, the moment he saw the state she was in.

Skidding to a stop before her, he almost dropped the weapons in hand. "Wh-what happened?!" He blurted, tears falling down his face. "What did those monsters do to you, sister?!" There was a hint of anger in his voice.

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