Enkindle: Lost opportunity

At least in their sector of the fight the rebels were doing well. Niko knew their time was limited and he'd opted to use many of the ion grenades he'd pilfered to save not just his life but lives of other rebels. He rushed into the facility to see if there was anything useful there.

Once inside, he saw Aegon and Inna taking heavy fire. He used the last of his ion grenades and laid down heavy cover fire so Aegon could continue on and get what he needed. A low level captain of some kind came bursting through the scene, arms full of what looked like ammo boxes. He tripped, fell, and one of the boxes crashed open spreading credits everywhere. If the amount within the one crate was an indication of how many were in the others the captain carried, Niko could be set for a long time.

Everyone saw the credits. Only a few troopers reacted by taking off their helmets, dropping their blasters and filling their helmets. Niko saw Aegon and Inna look at the credits, ignore them, and continue taking heavy fire.

Oh well, he thought...

He too then, ignored the credits and jumped into the fray.

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