Enkindle: Cold Bodies

Luando had personally dragged Lana's body into Grand Admiral Abalam's office, now there were two bodies in suffering. Ulaan and Cosgrove, both injured fighting for what they believed in. Commander Luando perched Captain Cosgrove on a chair, she treated her shoulder wound with a bactagel. Hopefully it'd do the girl some good. "This is Captain Cosgrove," Abalam asked.
"It is, but I assume you already knew that Grand Admiral..." Luando huffed, she was exhausted of this operation but most of all she was exhausted of Darsh Abalam. "Captain Cosgrove... Lana, it's Iras. Are you alright?"
"She'll be fine it's only a blaster wound!"
"It may be only a blaster wound but I don't want to lose one of my best, so if you don't mind Grand Admiral leave my issues to me and leave yours to yourself!" Luando snapped. Abalam looked at her in disapproval. "Very well," Darsh puffed.

Iras placed her hand on Cosgrove's cheek. "We'll get you the best medical attention on Intrepid I promise," she whispered. Fortunately Lana Cosgrove wasn't dead but Iras didn't want to risk anything. Ulaan lay on the floor heavy breathing, a trail of blood had dripped from her left nostril. "You'll die Abalam," Ulaan suddenly spoke - she had been quiet for almost half an hour now. It was like a spark had popped in her brain. Like her anger was resurrected from a long lull. "What did you say rebel!?" Abalam walked back over to her. "I said you'll die for what you done to Denon, to the galaxy!"
"Commander Ulaan I don't have time for formal complaints. If you really believe you can kill me then kill me! Here take this," Abalam tossed her his blaster pistol. "Now stand and kill me.. " He could hear the gun rattling beside his feet as Ulaan struggled to muster the strength to lift the weapon. She grunted as she finally tightened her hands around the weapon.

Abalam turned to face the wall, as if he were in one of his own firing squads, he was grinning. After a few more painful grunts Ulaan was standing. "Go on then. Do it!" Grand Admiral ordered mockingly. She placed her finger on the trigger then suddenly slam! She was back on the floor, feeling weaker than before. "Pathetic!" Abalam mocked. He picked his pistol back up, then slowly placed it in his holster. "I won't kill you yet," he announced smugly. "What will you do with her?" Luando asked. "I'll kill her when some more of her friends find her, give them a warning not to cross the Empire ever again!" Abalam sat on his luxurious black leather chair and observed the carnage on Denon through a large glass screen. He enjoyed carnage.

To Be Continued...

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