Heading To Pijal

Kye did not miss Aurora's sudden discomfort, a frown forming on his face as he turned tired blue eyes to this General Dodonna. "If you'll let us retrieve the weapon, we'll be more useful. Well, Aurora will. I know I'm useless." He explained, practically whispering the last part. "She's really good with a staff and the only reason they were able to take it from her was because of me..."

Ignoring whatever look his sister gave him, the younger sibling stared the General down. Both hands were hidden in the pockets of the jacket he had pulled on upon entering the ship, hiding the anger he felt.

Kye hated when people upset his sister.

"Very well," General Dodonna grunted with a wave of his hand. They spoke more about the situation and the information both Aurora and Kye had retrieved before the siblings were sent to a spare room. They were ordered to stay there until arriving at Pijal, which irritated them both, but they were not about to argue. This was more friendliness than either of them had expected.

Sitting in the small chair, Kye dropped his bag to the floor and let out a heavy sigh. Pulling his hair free of the ponytail it was in, he let the red locks fall to hang past his shoulders and looked up to her with another frown. "Are you okay, Aurora?" He asked with a worried look in his eyes. "I know you keep hiding things..."

Normally, Kye would just leave things be, but seeing his sister so close to tears earlier bugged him. He had to know what was going on in her head.

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