Good luck off to meet general

Aurora nosed then silently asked Phoenix to leave. The streaked throw the city befor getting to a ship rebel ship headed for the fleets flag ship. There was an argument over letting phenix onboard. But Aurora was bot leaving with out the animal. The eventual made it onboard General Dodonna ship.

They were quite escorted to the General. “ sir we have intel in the imps now toy” Aurora said. She seams anxious unable to stay still. One of the other officers in the room started to scaled her for it only for them to be quieted with a glare. “ you story staying still when the last time you were on a ship you thought you were going to die” she said. That shut the officer up. She returned her attention to the General. “ sir my staff was taken by the imps when the captured me. Is it possible for my brother and I to go to pikas and retrieve are mothers staff. It was bided near where we...” she stoped speaking suddenly her hands clenched into fist as she stared at the floor. She could not cry. Not now not infront of Kye.

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