Rest and Arrival

Lying down, Kye let out a heavy breathe and stared up at the ceiling. "Yeah," He answered Aurora. "I don't really want to go back either, but we need to...I guess." The words felt wrong coming from his mouth, despite knowing they would have eventually returned home one way or another.

"Honestly, I barely remember, Aurora." He admitted after a few moments. "I know mom made me hide, but...details are fuzzy after that." Pressing a hand to his forehead, the sixteen-year-old groaned as flashes of what happened crossed his mind again. Did he really want to remember that day?

Not getting an answer from his sister, Kye leaned over the bed and blinked when he saw Aurora was fast asleep. Chuckling softly, he shook his head and decided to get some well needed rest before they returned as well. He feared what would happen upon arrival, but he swore that he would do everything possible to keep her safe this time.

No one would be capturing Aurora ever again. Instead, he would make sure they got shot between the eyes before that could happen from now on.

After what felt like hours, Kye and Aurora were shaken awake by the very rebel he had run into before all this mess. She informed them of their arrival and mentioned something about Phenix being more trouble than he was worth, which got the girl a good glare from Aurora.

"I wouldn't insult Phenix if I were you." Kye muttered as he got his bag ready and tied back his hair. "Ready to go, Aurora?"

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