Mothers staff

Aurora woke with a start nerely snaking her head on Kye’s bunch. She took a deep breath relieved to find that she was on a rebel ship. “ don’t you dare talk about Phenix like that he is part of are family” Aurora snapped in response to the disrespect Amex at her complain. It did not take long for them to be shuttled to Pijal.

With in minutes of landing the pair were off riding on phoenix’s back headed right for there old home. It was now nothing but ruble there parents were barked close by. It did mot take Aurora long to find the spot where they had barried there weapons she carefully started to dig up the box with there parents weapons. She opens the bock carefully lifting dads blasters and handing them to Kye. Then she picked up there mothers staff.

The staff was calapsible like her own bit this one was decorated beautifully. The weapon was made of runout with swirls of baskar set into the staff. Giving the weapon a two tons appear inch but also making it strong.

Aurora a pro he’d her parents grave. “ I’m sorry mother but I need your staff mine was taken by the empire. And I need it to protect Kye and fight so he can have a better future” she said. It hurt to see her mothers staff and her parents grave again. “ if I had only been a little faster” she said quietly. She could not help but feel that there deaths had been her fault. Phinex bugged her with his nose. She turned and hugged the animal.

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