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Summary: Sorry what did you say?

Dyka graves

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Residents




Full time artist

Physical Appearance

Blue eyes
And hair that she keeps died white
She is slim with a athletic build

Personality and interests

She is stubborn and strong willed but very loyal and family oriented. When she's working on a piece she tend to get lost in it and forget the world exists.


Her parents died in a car accident so she was raised by her grandmother along with her sister. Her sister left for dance school and dyka thought maybe she would go to college instead she found art and traveled around. She started making good money off the art she sold and was doing well for her self until she got a call from her sister saying their grandmother wasn't doing to good. So they met up and moved home to care for her.

Favourite Sayings

" every thing can be art if u look at it right"

"Happy little accidents"

Favourite food

Anything organic that she can eat with her fingers

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Image of Dyka graves
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