The Dance Floor

At the end of the ballroom, opposite the doors, was the stage where an obviously ghouled band dressed in black tuxedos was playing jazz music. The music fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the house and the evening.

Jack sniffed Adele's neck and then wrapped his arm around her stomach very gently as he also held he hand and lifted it to his mouth to kiss it gently.

Jack: Care to dance my sweet?

Adele smiled as she turned her head elegantly and slightly as she responded.

Adele: You're such a smoothy.

Jack then led Adele to the dance floor as they began to dance gracefully to the jazz music. They looked very much like a couple in love and were in perfect sync as they moved together. Eddie made his way to Yvette while sipping his blood from a wine glass.

Eddie: So are those two a couple?

Yvette: Yes and much more. My Lady Bordeaux has many followers who are loved and protected by her.

Eddie: Would you know why she is helping us?

Yvette: My Lady Bordeaux said it would be good for New Orleans if all the clans worked together to rebuild after that nasty war.

Eddie: Well that's not what the last Primogens believed. They were greedy and blood thirsty.

Yvette: So you felt you needed to be the same way to survive right?

Eddie looked at the cute busty maid who seemed calm and kind. He wondered if she was just a pretty face or was there more to her like that guy Jack.

Eddie: Your Boss seems to very thorough huh?

Yvette: Those who accept her kindness tend to prosper, while those who challenge her..........well they soon learn the errors of their ways.

Eddie: Cause that guy Jack?

Yvette: Jack is a beautiful creature who can give love and pain when needed, but he is not as strong as my Lady Bordeaux.

Eddie sighed and sipped his blood as he realized he and his clan were lucky to take Adele's hand instead of remaining stubborn. She and Jack could wipe out their clan overnight if they wanted. However he was indeed grateful to see Adele kept her word as he saw the progress of the construction companies building the biker rally resort with a new bar and the gator farm. It was only a short time but the progress was heartwarming to him and his Gangrel clan. True he and his clan were indebted to her for the next hundred years but after that they were free of debt and independent. It was nice to not have to steal for a living and focus on making their clan stronger. As he looked at Adele and Jack he a bit jealous that they could be happy even for a moment and hoped that one day he could have that too.


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