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Summary: Make a crack about my name and being a 'wizard' and I will punch you in the face.

Harry Rutherford

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: X-Men

Other Names

Codename: Isaac
His name is Harry, not Harold or anything else that might be derived from.

Height & Weight

H: 5' 10"
W: 150lbs

Appearance & Personal Stats

Harry is of slender build, his skin colour is indicative of someone mixed race but the hair he inherited from his father is locked and close cropped at the sides.
His clothing is pretty run of the mill stuff for a youth, not extravagant but now he can afford to dress a bit better he does. Unlike a lot of his contemporaries Harry doesn't do really do fashion. Although he does look pretty neat when dressed up, which is not something that he does that often or readily because ‘I look like some kind of a twat’.
He has an East London accent and he swears a lot, although he is working on that.


Trainee mage and university student


British, born and raised in London, England


Harry Rutherford's father never got a look in with regard to his naming as his mum had no idea which one of her clientele could have sneaked through her myriad contraceptive precautions but judging by Harry’s latte coloured skin he could have been one of six or seven men. Two years later that safety net was breached once more giving Harry a sister, named Eugenie and she was white like their mother.
His family lived in a disgusting sixties city council housing development called the Wordsworth Estate in East London, England. It was a run down violent place, and despite his mother Renata's best efforts to move them out of the area the only thing the Rutherford's had plenty of was debt. After primary school, where Harry was always bored and was consequently far from being a model student, he ended up at the local secondary school and educational black hole known as Wordsworth Comp like most of the estate's kids. It was here, within the first month in fact, that Harry was singled out for special attention by the school's bullies, by the whites because he wasn’t white and the black students for a very similar reason. A small mixed race kid who amongst the poor underclass was notably worse off than most. It’s always nice to find someone getting a crapper deal from life than yourself so that you can see your own life can indeed be worse.
And abuse them.
Unfortunately for Harry he had nothing worth nicking, and their efforts to get him to steal from home were pointless because there was nothing there either, consequently Harry's beatings were more severe than most.
It didn't take a genius to realise it was best to avoid the bullies' attention altogether, which was not easy when you went to the same school, so Harry simply stopped going to school. He wasn't interested in his school lessons, every subject was as dull as ditchwater, nothing there could engage him so for self preservation he skived off most of the time.
Being smaller than most his age was burden enough to live with on a rough council estate; as it was he was cat-called for being a ‘little poof' on a regular basis, and he hated that when he found out what it meant. It did make him tougher but he spent most of his eleventh year injured in some way, to this day the little finger on his right hand will not move.
The decay of his family continued, his aunt Evi had died of a stroke and his mother was back in prison again, Harry and Eugenie were put into foster care. A few of months after his twelfth birthday, Harry began to be plagued by visions, specifically people, ghosts, he was scared though he tried not to show it, he was being haunted. He began to avoid places where he was having these encounters, mostly old places around the city he noted. His foster carers took him to the see their doctor but beyond prescribing drugs that did nothing more than stop him thinking clearly, that seemed to be a dead end. So, he was referred to the requisite National Health Service specialists who were able to rule out the basic maladies such as aneurisms, brain tumours, seizure disorders, cerebral lesions and nerve damage but they were unable to diagnose his specific ailment. So, he was dumped on the psychiatric service, he saw so many doctors and to this day he has no idea who pointed him out to Daniel Coleridge.
Coleridge interviewed the boy and quickly defined that he was a natural magical adept and his seeing ghosts was him attuning to this, strings were pulled and Harry was made a ward of court and given over into the custody of Coleridge. This was done with Harry’s cooperation, Coleridge was adamant about that, before proceeding the boy had to be willing to undertake what lay ahead of him.
Coleridge told Harry that he was a fledgling mage, once all the Harry Potter stuff had been dismissed the explanation commenced, the boy had had to explain who Harry Potter was to Coleridge anyway. He, Coleridge, was the last registered practising wizard in Britain, technically he was a part of Scotland Yard, a police officer with the rank of Detective Inspector, it was his job to look into any ‘peculiar’ incidents that came the police’s way. It had been Coleridge’s opinion that magic had become a vestigial function and that it had been on the decline for centuries. As belief waned it was eclipsed by science and technology. So he was surprised when a potential apprentice showed up.
Historically, wizards had been drawn from the ‘upper classes’ and for one to show up from the opposite end of the social strata was outside even Coleridge’s extensive experience. It was safe to say that Coleridge had never met a challenge like Harry, because he had never really met a child of the underclass, poorly educated, crude, not white and lacking any sort of skill and no social graces, and he had no option but to take him on as his apprentice.
It was hard work for both of them, master and apprentice, the latter had to go to school, and it was a private one where Harry really did not fit in. But he wanted to learn magic and that was the trade off, the education he needed for the education he wanted, even though he knew that it would take him at least a decade.
Four years on something has happened and Coleridge was on the trail of a sorcerer (a black magician) known as the Faceless One and has disappeared in such circumstances Harry had been told to contact the only other legal wizard Coleridge knew, Steven Strange.
Strange's health is failing now and Harry is learning fast. He is an exceptional mage, his magic skills have come on so much. Whilst you cannot learn magic without a teacher once you reach a certain level, with the right amount of research you can learn on your own. Harry is nearly there.


DISCIPLINED: When studying magic.
EIDETIC MEMORY: Harry has a very good memory, it is exceptional where magic is concerned.
FREE RUNNING [Parkour]: Focussed gymnastic movements to overcome obstacles in an urban environment, with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body.
QUICK LEARNER: When the subject matter interests him [quite the opposite when it does not].
STREETWISE: Harry grew up and survived in one of the roughest areas of any British city.

ADDICTION: Harry smokes, a lot, it's a habit he developed because of the bad elements in his life, and he really likes it.
INTOLERANCE: Growing up mixed race up in a hard underclass environment has tainted a lot of Harry’s views a lot, he is still young and learning what is and what is not socially acceptable.
PREJUDICED: Harry seriously distrusts religious people, this is rooted in his personal experience of their bigotry. That said he has his own line of things he really does not like.


Loads of magic

Miscellaneous Information

Harry is a bright and alert kind of a guy, apart from his mum and sister Harry has no one else in the world except Inspector Coleridge, his ‘Master’ in the magical sense, consequently he has become very independent. Since his awakening to a world of power his horizons have been broadened and to some extent his immaturity has left him a little adrift in the world. But Harry even though his initial education has been poor is far from stupid and knows that his life is in flux and that things change, he likes change, it is exciting, sometimes painful, sometimes fun, but always interesting.

Magic has all but died out of the world, Harry has an affinity for it. An English practitioner found him and started training him. When that man died he came into the charge of Dr Strange.

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