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Summary: Is it something to do with attraction?

Maximilian Eisenhart

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Allies

Other Names

Polar - someone suggested Magneto but he was never going to have a codename that was part of a car engine

Height & Weight

5' 7" 130lbs

Appearance & Personal Stats

Max is a little on the short side, and has slight build. His hair is kind of untidy, close cropped at the sides.


Trainee veterinary nurse and student.




Max grew up in a large loving family, a sister and twin brothers, they were the archetype of the American family. When the x-gene status of Max's brothers was discovered this did not go down well in small town Missouri. Ostracised and attacked eventually the twins were taken into custody by the DHS for public use of powers - they had been acting to protect the family.
The family was torn apart.
Max and his sister did not carry the gene and were allowed to stay at home. However, the attacks on the family continued, the family furniture store was burned out and the children were unable to attend school because of the bullying. When his mother and little sister were raped and murdered Max and his father were put into protective custody and relocated to Newark. No one was ever charged with the murders.
With a new store Max and his father started a new life. It was new but it was a disaster, neither was happy. Max was in no mood for college and went to work for his dad. A year later his dad, who had taken to drink big time, was on another massive bender and choked to death on his own vomit in his own bedroom. It was Max who found him.
Max inherited his father's estate, the store was successful and sold for a good price and he had a sizeable nest egg from both his parents' life insurance. Max continued to live in the house WITSEC had provided.
He holds mutant haters responsible for the deaths of his family and the loss of his brothers.
Max may not register as a mutant, his x-gene is baseline human but Max has powers. He has been honing his magnetic powers in private, as he is not a known mutant Max is of no interest to the DHS.
Max has a job at a local veterinary practice, he is training to be a veterinary nurse after working at a local sanctuary. He attends college courses to get his qualification.
He has made contact with some local chapters of the Purifiers as a supporter. Strangely several members across these chapters have had fatal accidents. These have been attributed to poor car maintenance, a bullet exploding in the firing chamber of their gun, sudden onset anaemia that led to a stroke, a flagpole the base of which collapsed and crushed someone, one died in the manufacturing plant he worked at after a robot arm on the production line swung out too wide.


Pottery and metal work, Max loved working in the metal shop at school and he has converted one of the downstairs rooms of his home to a potter's studio.
Veterinary medicine, animal anatomy.


Magnetism: It can effect only those elements that react normally to magnetism. Iron, cobalt and nickel, as well as the rare earth metals gadolinium and dysprosium. Some non-ferromagnetic materials, such as palladium (Pd) and osmium (Os) can become ferromagnetic in the right conditions.
Max is aware of the materials he manipulates at a molecular level. He can strengthen or weaken it.
He can sense the iron in a person and manipulate that too.
He can work on about 20lbs (10 kg) of metal at a time (about five feet of #10 rebar).
Magnetokinesis: Max can manipulate various forms of magnetism, usually creating a greenish field of magnetic energy around his fingers allowing him to move metallic and other magnetically susceptible objects. He can create and launch magnetic bullet sized projectiles at great velocity, he calls this a rail gun effect. He can launch larger objects too, like rebar pieces but not at such great speed.
Magnetic Levitation: Max can levitate by working against the magnetic field of the planet, this is strictly up and down.
Magnetic Shield: Max is able to conjure a good sized shield of magnetic energy, which most people are unable to penetrate because of the iron in their blood. It will easily stop steel bullets, and once held in the shield Max can reverse them and send them back too.
Metallic Bonding: Max can magnetically bond ferrous items together in mere seconds, this is not just a magnetic bond, as he can shift material at a molecular level the bonds are physical, merging the objects if he wishes. The reverse of this is to cause ferrous objects to disintegrate.
Electromagnetism: Max can create disrupt electrical currents. He can blow out the lights, stop a car working with a focussed EMP. A taser will not work on him as his power’s reflex is to force the current to reverse.
Electromagnetic Sense: Max can use the magnetic field of the Earth to sense when people or animals are in the same general area, due to sensing the trace metal content in their bodies and the electromagnetic pulses in their nervous systems.
Radio Frequency Distortion: Max can use his EMP to jam cell and walkie talkie frequencies; it's not focussed as it has a blanket area effect.

Miscellaneous Information

Max has the X-gene, just not where everyone else has it, it is effectively not detectible.

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