16: Nightcrawler (himself)

Kurt was in awe with how Ryusaku fenced learning how others fence he never heard the word epee but he knew it would be something to place in memory, “Guten tag herr Ryusaku um hello Ryusaku nice to meet you.. “

When he listened to the intersection Kurt kept in mind his tail and how his built could be used to his advantage being highly flexible, Kurt smiled “oh I keep my tail curved around myself. It doesn’t hurt since I can hold my own weight” he stared “this is a beautiful bag and I love the flag..” unsure he wants to be respectful.

He stared “I am all set with practice I have practice a bit of my stance now I have to figure out my tail movements but enough will power I could change the movement”
Kurt sat as many would say as like a dog would but it was something he is comfortable with “my spine is unlike others I could stay in awkward position longer than others

“You we’re in Olympic? Was it scary?” He stared

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