16: Nightcrawler (JP with Ryusaku)

The piste had been left up from Saturday in the greenhouse, David was there and was fencing with someone else. Kurt had seen David fencing with a rookie yesterday, whoever he was fencing today was in a different league. He could tell from the equipment bags it wasn’t Jamie, there was a Japanese flag with the Olympic rings beneath.
The score on screen was fourteen to three, and over on the next attack. David had lost. Helmets removed, the fencers shook hands.
“Thanks for the match Ryusaku.”
“You have not worked on your low lines David. I told you about that the last time we fenced.”
“I know. I should have listened.”
“Indeed. I told you the time before that too.” David heard Kurt’s greeting, he had been aware enough not to interrupt fencers when fighting and to stay out of their lines of sight. “Kurt. Hey thanks for coming. I want you to meet Ryusaku Harada. The best epee fencer in the school.”
“That would not be difficult David. You would not even rank in the top fifty of the state. The only fencer of note is Jamie. And he would have been better if he had not wasted time training on those other sports.”
David looked at Kurt. “Jamie was a junior Olympic pentathlete. He was not wasting his time.”
“He was if he was wanting to be any good as a fencer.”
David smiled again and gave a slight shrug. “Ryusaku it is customary to greet someone back when they are introduced to you.”
Ryusaku looked at Kurt. “Of course. That was impolite of me. Hello Kurt. A pleasure to meet you. Your atypical body structure should give you an advantage. But in eppe the entire body is a viable target. That would include your tail.” His sword flicked out and Kurt felt a small touch on his tail. “When you are not thinking about it your tail moves in a predictable pattern in relation to your posture and movement.”
“I think Jamie suggested that Kurt does not leave your tail exposed.”

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