19: Shen Li (Min)

I knew that I had been unfair in thinking less of other countries and cultures because they didn’t do things the same way I was used to. Besides I was a guest in this country, it was up to me to adapt really. The irritations were minimal when compared to the good stuff, I liked America. I guess that now and then I get homesick.
I googled puffin, to see what I had got wrong. I had called Shen a bird. A puffin was some bird, not only was it some bird it was a stupid looking bird straight out of Disney. And then I realised the things were real. They had to be the gayest looking birds ever.
“We kind of have it driven into us, if we want a good job and a good life we can only get that if we work hard in school. I had a bit of a hiccup because I got into Aces. But I have caught up here. The teaching is good, and we have distance learning too and can sit in on lectures in other places.” I paused for a moment. “But I have had a change of heart, Shen… Not about studying but about getting a good job. I think I want to work for something bigger. I want to help people like me. Other mutants. So I am in training here to be one of the operational team that goes out to help other mutants.”
My latest search popped up an answer. “Boffin, the word is boffin,” I almost called out. “The sciency type guy genius people… thing whatsits.” I could not help but grin. “Boffin.”
I realised that Shen had asked me about Ryusaku. “Oh Ryu… Don’t call him that, I forgot. Ryusaku Harada, is a tech specialist, a genius, he can control and… reform machines. He is also… japyejeung… I don’t know… aseupeogeo. He can be very fixed in how he sees the world. I am making him sound bad. When Ryusaku is rude he does not know he is doing it. He is a good person but has no idea how people work.”

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