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Summary: Gravity isn't grave, I find it attractive.

Shen Li

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Students: Grey Shirts - Level 0

Other Names


Height & Weight

Height: 1.74 mtr 5’ 7”
Weight: 70 kg 155lbs

Shen is some what short, with a muscular gymnasts physique.

Appearance & Personal Stats

Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Shen is quite handsome, and is aware of his own looks, but is somewhat embarrassed about it.






Shen is the youngest child of Pakpao and Hu Li. A successful investment banker, Hu provided his family a comfortable life. Shen and his brother enjoyed frequent trips to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and the United States, giving him a firm understanding of the languages of those countries.
His life was uncomplicated until Martin was kidnapped. His parents waited for a ransom request but none ever came. Pakpao consulted a fortune teller, who warned her that her son had been trafficked, and advised her to protect her youngest son, because he had traits that the kidnappers would find attractive as well. Well aware that as a preteen Shen could be described as being pretty, the Li's enrolled their younger son in an exclusive boarding school that catered to high profile members of Thai society, including many foreign diplomats. While the fortune teller had been right that Martin had been trafficked, it had not been to a sex slavery ring, but for being a mutant with powers. Had they known, they might have kept him close to home.
He wasn't mistreated at school, but he felt incredibly isolated. He missed his big brother, as they were close, and while his parents called him every day, there was a difference between being in a warm home, and enduring at a boarding school, no matter how accommodating.
The manifestation of his mutant powers wasn't dramatic, more that he inadvertently triggered hysterical tales that a krahang was haunting the school. A krahang was a spirit that manifested itself as a shirtless man, wearing a traditional loincloth who flies in the night. What was actually happening was that Shen, who slept in his underwear had begun to sleep levitate, roaming around the campus and the area around it. As people gave into superstition, panic began to take root.
The panic reached full hysteria when not only was the krahang seen more and more, but objects, including bikes, scooters and small cars would levitate when he was around. When he learned that Martin was found but did not immediately return home, the appearances of the krahang increased as Shen's sleep sky walking became an almost nightly thing, and the school was on the verge of a lock down.
But an incident relatively close by geographically speaking threw the Li family into turmoil.

Martin had escaped from captivity. With several other mutants he had broken out of the freight container they were being transported in. Unfortunately just as a rescue party from Xaviers had arrived one of the other mutants was shot, she lost control of her power and blew the vast container ship in half. This killed everyone in the immediate vicinity, including Martin. No mutants were rescued alive.
Elsewhere James Rhodes and Bobby Drake had followed a cerebro trail to Shen’s school, the connection between the Li brothers was instantly made. Rhodes and Drake returned Martin’s body to his family and explained exactly why he had been abducted. When Shen returned home for the funeral the Cerebro trace came with him. Realising that Shen might also be a target Rhodes and Drake approached the family with a proposal. Pakpao and Hu Li visited the school and agreed that Shen should transfer there.


Photography/Filmography: Shen spends a lot of time in front of and behind the camera
Gymnastics/Free Running: Shen is poetry in motion -as cliched as that phrase is.
Pentathalon: He has never participated, but had been training before his mutant powers eliminated that possibility.
3D Animation: Shen has a Youtube channel that features his animations.
Computer Games - Shen plays them, and designs them. He wants to one day produce AAA games.


The Li children possess powerful abilities that affect their physical abilities, as well as some abilities to affect the world and people beyond them. Shen's powers mostly center around his gravitational manipulation.

GRAVITY MANIPULATION: The core of his abilities is the manipulation of gravitational forces. He can levitate himself or others. As his power is affecting gravity, he cannot fly per se, but actually swims, making it a much slower mode of transport than running. His gravity manipulation is not telekinesis so he levitates objects, pull things to him or push them away. He lacks the ability to do fine manipulation at this time.
The Gravity power is more than mere levitation but less than telekinesis. He can make an object float, pull it to him, or push it away, but he cannot move said object around with out manually doing so (example: he could pull a cup to his hand or make it float, but he could not make it follow him unless he actually carries it) . If something is thrown at him, he could deflect it. As a consequence of this, while he can lift himself into the air, he had to swim treating the air as a fluid (which it is). He moves faster on the ground, in the air he swims about 4 miles an hour, which is more or less walking speed.

RECOVERY: In theory, Shen can heal others, but he doesn't know how. He can recover from any injury, but the upper limit is unknown.

SPEED AND REACTION: Shen has heightened speed and reaction time, he can out run a race car, his reaction times are better than baseline human, this is not quick enough to always stop him hitting obstacles in his way, so that can limit his speed.

Miscellaneous Information

Shen Li is based on an amalgamation of Xorn, and related to Martin Li (Mr. Negative). I didn't want to play Overdrive from the original XAB, but figured it would be fun to play a legacy student.

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