19: Shen Li (Min)

I really approve of the food here at the school. The kitchen accepts recipe and meal suggestions via the school’s app, and so long as they were not frivolous or too expensive most were accepted. They kept a supply of kimchi for me, and not store bought they made it.
The pork here was indeed excellent.
I liked a burger too but did not have a lot of beef so I would only ever have a good quality burger. And if the fries were fat and still had the potato skins on I was in American food heaven. A fast food burger didn’t get a look in.
As Shen wanted egg I added it to my doubled noodle request. Noodles cannot really be cooked and left, they had to be done fresh. When we got to the refectory the eggs and noodles were waiting for us.
I doubt Shen could miss that I had my own stainless steel chopsticks, which I drew from my back pocket. I had also picked up the small pot of kimchi they kept on the food counter for garnishing.
“I came here about three months ago,” I told him and deftly punctured the yolk of my egg before taking in some of the noodles. “It took me a while because… I hated the idea of being over the sea to get here.”
Although my education had been a little disrupted by my times the Aces I knew how to be a good student, it’s kind of part of the culture if you want to get on in Korea.
“The lessons are good, they group us by ability not age and the classes are always small. I have never been in a school this well resourced.” I leaned in a little closer. “I like it. But I suppose I am a bit of a swot. Apart from your animations and computers what do you like to do? Do you have a favourite school subject Shen?"

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