12: Ni-Bump-ght Part Two (Noah)

Noah's chin dropped to his chest. Another fokken talker. Maybe it was only nerves.
Combat training is a little vague? What did that question even mean? He hated the English and their language so much, both of those were practically the definition of vague.
"I will endeavour to be concise. If you know judo, taekwondo and krav maga, assessing your hand-to-hand combat capabilities will be most interesting."
So many only knew the words, and wouldn't be able to tell one move from another and would have no defence.
"If not those are nothing more than words you have heard and the specifics of the combat forms that I use to assess your capabilities will be utterly meaningless to you.
"It is important that in defending yourself you can do so without relying on powers or mutant abilities."

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