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Summary: She sees dead people.


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Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Students: Grey Shirts - Level 0

Other Names

Cave Girl.

Height & Weight

6 foot 2 inches
182 lbs.

Appearance & Personal Stats

Blue eyes.
Blond hair.


Barbarian / Student.




Thousands of years ago, people lived in caves and hunted with rocks and spears. Ayala was the youngest in her brood, and just one of many. She would have probably grown up as a normal child, assuming she survived long enough.
But at a very young age she started talking to people who weren't there. Or at least, people no one else could see. At first her parents thought her head was wrong. But as she grew older she started telling them things. Sharing secrets and knowledge she could not know without being told.
And no one there had told her.
Eventually they decided she must have been touched by the spirits, and started turning to her for guidance.
The secrets she shared with them helped them to survive some hard years. But when she came of age she set out on her own, as had her siblings, to prove she was strong enough to survive.
One night while she was making camp she was woken up by a rock that fell from the stars. When she went to investigate where it landed, she found a piece that had broken off of it.
She took the sharp piece of rock, and after examining it decided to use it as a spear head and fashioned a weapon from it. It proved to be very hard and very sharp, and with it she was able to kill the greatest of beasts.
Weeks later she had been making her way back home to her brood, having proven herself a capable hunter and protector. But as she neared her family home she was blinded by a bright flash.
Then she felt herself falling.


Survival: Ayala is a skilled hunter and tracker. She also has some skill in foraging, although the plants in the area are probably a bit different now.

Navigation: She can find her way by starlight or the position of the sun.

Melee combat: She's skilled with clubs, knives and spears, although the spear is her preferred weapon.


Ayala has the Mutant ability to see and hear ghosts, spirits and astral beings. The spirits of blood relatives are able to enter her body and lend her their skills and abilities. This is dependent on whether or not they're paying attention and are inclined to help (basically GM's fiat).

She also has a sturdy wooden spear with a spear head that's nearly unbreakable and can puncture steel.

Aside from this she has no other powers, although her years of living in a harsh wilderness have made her a very impressive specimen physically. She is highly athletic, with near superhuman strength, endurance and agility.

Miscellaneous Information

Ayala is a tall, powerfully built teenager with straight hip length hair, a loin cloth and a necklace of fangs.
She possesses average intelligence, but has had no education beyond what she needed to survive in a prehistoric and savage wilderness.
She's a brutal fighter, but only kills when she feels it's necessary. As in self defense, the defense of her brood or to eat.

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