12: Ni-Bump-ght - Part Two (Noah)

Ayala will have seen Noah training with the punch bag and sparring with Jenny, he was fast, very, very fast. She had never seen anyone who fought like him before but got the understanding that here he was not unique.
Jenny sat off to the side while the other two began to spar. Ayala was a little taller than Noah and she definitely had the weight advantage, he looked like she could snap him in two with little effort. She would not underestimate him from his appearance as she had seen the fierceness of the impact he had inflicted on the punch bag.
The practice made her aware of what a formidable opponent the youth was. His ability to not be where her strikes were became quite frustrating. And when he suddenly ducked from her field of view and she found herself flat on her back after he swept her legs out from underneath her, she was doubly frustrated. He was full of moves she had never seen before.
But Ayala was a warrior at heart, where as Noah… technically at the core of his being was a frustrated ballet dancer. Ayala had the advantage that in combat she was way more adaptable than he was. She had done feints and he had accurately avoided every one but eventually she had got him on a treble feint. The second time was when she didn’t even think about how to get him, and she got him twice. The second punch should have felled a horse as she had not pulled the strike, but he sat on the mat grinning up at her, his arms resting over his raised knees.
“That was great Ayala,” he said as he hopped to his feet.
Noah waited for her to attack again, he didn't go in for prancing about with pretentious bouncing about you saw in demonstration meets. The stool Ayala kicked at him was a surprise but he dodged it easily enough and didn’t fall into the obvious trap of ducking. Instead he sidestepped avoiding the punch and used a technique krav maga had lifted from karate. Two fingers jabbed hard under Ayala’s rib cage. She missed landing on the stool - as Noah hooked it out of the way with a toe - as her whole body went into spasm and she went down with a thud on the mat.
It was an elementary technique for knocking someone over without really hurting them. So, when Ayala continued to spasm Noah he was suddenly worried. Then he was just as suddenly face down on the mat with Ayala pinning him there. She had studied her opponent well, she may not have had all his training and had pretty much worked out how to immobilise him. All she had had to do was draw him in close enough. She said something which if translated from her own tongue might well have been ‘sucker’.

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