12: Ni-Bump-ght Part Two (Noah)

Yeah she was a talker all right. Two can play at that game.
“You have good reflexes and your coordination is really good too,” Noah told Jenny. “I think you could be an exceptional fighter. The heel of the hand shortens your attack range a little but the impact is a lot harder. Avoid striking with the fingers or upper palm because you could twist your wrist back and break it. The palm heel is considered one of the safest self defence techniques, especially for the inexperienced fighter. The safest place to hit with a palm heel is the heel of the hand. The heel of the palm is the part of the hand that bears the most weight during a push up.
“And yes it can kill someone. Applied correctly it will break the nasal bone and those behind it, driving shards of bone back into the brain. In case you are wondering I know how but have never done it outside of a simulation. I do not kill.
“Never ever use the tricks the stunt guys told you. They are really good at devising stuff that looks good on the screen. But they will get you hurt, injured or killed. And before you say you cannot be killed that might be true but if your head is separated from your body… And you can be incapacitated, I do not care if you can take damage and regenerate, without a hand you cannot effectively punch someone. So do not rely on your healing capability. Downtime in a fight is a luxury your opponent will use to win.”

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