16: Nightcrawler (Danny Adeniran)

“The chances are you can meet Captain America Kurt,” Danny told him as he returned from the showers with a towel wrapped round his waist. “He is on the governing body of the Institute, was a good friend of the Professor. In fact I think he was the one who introduced him to Valerie, the prof’s wife… widow.”
There was ample room on the shelving for Kurt’s comics and books.
Although Danny’s faith had been ripped to it’s core when his mother had rejected him for being a mutant, he still retained elements of his Islamic faith. Whilst he had never bothered to replace his prayer mat, he still said his prayers in his head. As Kurt said his Danny did too.
“Tusbih ealaa khayr Kurt. Nam jayidan. Fi hifz allah,” he said. “That means good night, sleep well. Allah keep you safe.”
Now he was no longer on the streets Danny slept the sleep of the dead, he heard nothing through the night.
OOC: Is that muttering from Kurt you adding in more plot without clearing it first?

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