17: Namor McKenzie (Jack)

Jack came from a wealthy family, you didn’t get to race real cars from the age of six unless your folks had more money than they knew what to do with. But he had never ever started a sentence with the words ‘My Dad has’. This led him to say something else he had never said, but he hoped it might stop Namor talking. He already knew ten times more about aircraft than he had an hour ago.
“You know one of the advantages of being a double leg amputee is not having to stuff socks in your pockets.” He fell into a bouncy step beside Namor. The guy was very noticeable, his build was conspicuous, if he signed up for training the nature of the undercover ops he could go on were going to be quite limited.
“Lunch sounds good,” he agreed. “I am going to head back to my rooms and shower. I can meet you down in the dining hall in about thirty if you want.

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