20: All in the Game (Jake)

Jake saw that Ethan seemed to have a handle on whatever Ryusaku’s particular brand of weird was. The guy was being nice when he did not have to be. He definitely had a good side.
The kitchen was empty when Jake got there. Water boiling Jake got another mug and spooned some instant coffee into it and his used one. He wished that they had a proper coffee machine here. Real coffee was something young teens should not have he was told. That was bullshit. He added milk as he did not like creamer.
The mugs floated out of the kitchen and along the corridor to Ethan’s room. With no free hand Jake pushed the door open with his foot.
“I wouldn’t bother tidying this is a palace compared to mine. It is a total pit. I did coffee with milk. Not a proper café au lait just milk in instant. Is a good instant though. It has a good flavour.”
He put the coffees down on the desk and sat down on the bed opposite Ethan’s screen. “So what we going to watch then?”

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