12: Ni-Bump-ght - Part Two (Dead Girl)

"I think the guy they hired to teach us the moves for the movie was something weird and super fake sounding. Gun katana, I think. He said it was used in numerous movies, specifically two big movie franchises both of them starring a Keanu something or another, I wasn't really paying attention I was confused by the name. I never really watched much tv as a child or teenager too busy studying and working on pa's farm or in mamma's general store, when I had time I performed in plays at the local community center. Plus action stuff was never my thang all the violence and excessive explosions were a real turn-off. I like comedies, I have horrible comedic timing myself. Good thing I was in an action movie. My favorite move that I did on set was the one where I jam the palm of my hand into the underside of someone's nose, my character's opponent died from that move, not really sure how it was possible." Jenny realized she was rambling so she stopped.

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