17: Namor McKenzie (Namor)

The swim was fine and he nodded when he heard the idea of asking this James Rhodes for lessons. Namor already had some flight hours on a seaplane and some time on a copter but not enough to warrant a solo license.

"My dad has a 2020 Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibian and I've co-piloted it but not bad weather," Namor said sounding disappointed but he recalled all the yelling and cursing his father did during the flight and he was happy to not have to fly in bad weather.

"Guess time to head back in and shower and get ready for dinner," Namor said putting on his shirt and checking his phone to see if he missed any calls out of habit.

"Thanks for showing me around the lake," Namor said as he slipped on his trainers while he rolled up his soaks and put them in his hand to avoid getting them wet.

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