20: It's All in the Game - Ethan

The past Ethan experienced was filled with diverse people and one of his former clients was on the spectrum. He had strict rules about what could be done and said and Ethan understood how to navigate the peculiar and the bizarre.

"I was being polite and you are not required to join but your intelligence and your good company are never unwelcome," Ethan declared as Ryusuka better understood things when plainly and politely expressed. At least Ethan guessed that was the way to handle the situation. There were so many variables: culture, interest, expectations, and what ticks Ryusaku demonstrated.

"Coffee would be great...thanks!" Ethan said adjusting his slipper and pulling on the drawstring of his shorts. He bolted from the sofa and left Ryusaku to ponder his decision to come ith or to find something else to do. Ethan was going to race to his room and make an effort to clean up his bed and desk before he had guests.

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