16: Nightcrawler (himself)

Kurt nod “ah ok” he turned putting the card in his dresser and proceeded to open boxes pulling out old posters, of him in the circus at least the ones he liked. Once he stared at a poster of Captain America “oh it be wonderful to meet him I always wanted to touch the shield or hold it” he pulled out Star Wars merchandises still smiling
He took out books and comics placing the, neatly on his dresser as he unboxed the last box he smiled at an old hand held game “my first Christmas gift? Oh my Captain America figure ” the little clothes he had he put it in the dresser and crawled in bed staying under the blanket his glowing eyes blinking a bit before turning the light off as he muttered a prayer for everyone in the school. Than yawn as he curled up into a ball.

It took a while for him to drifted “good night friend Daniel may God protect you while you sleep” as he finally fell asleep within each hour he stir muttering words “es brennt, Darf ich meine Mutter sehen? herr gernann

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