12: Ni-Bump-ght Part Two (Noah)

They were in a dojo, she had seen him practicing on a punchbag... He slapped his smile back on, this had to be done Harry had asked him to.
"I am assessing your unarmed combat capabilities," he explained again with a light tone. "So we start with the basics. At the beginning. Just us. We cannot do anything about powers that cannot be turned off, but we need to make sure that you can defend yourself without drawing undue attention. Being trained for stunt work is a good start, you have to have precision for that or you might cripple someone. Show me what you can do DeeGee."
Noah had protective gloves on as well as forearm guards and light weight head gear, just in case someone got lucky. Or lost control.
The useful moves were good, slow but that was so they could be clearly seen on screen. There were a few moves that would at best get her severely injured, stunt fighting. They relied on your opponent absorbing and redirecting the impact for effect. She would have to forget those or she would take herself out of the fight before it began.
"There is a lot there we can work with DeeGee," he said smiling. "My suggestion is, if you want to learn proper self defence is we start you out in krav maga. I recommend that for those who want practical training. Not that other martial arts are not practical. KM is derived from a combination of techniques sourced from many fighting styles. It is like they took the best bits. But its focus is on real-world situations and its efficiency."

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