16: Nightcrawler (Danny Adeniran)

“I do not have only one favourite desert,” Adam said. “I love a good bear claw, a well made tiramisu is exceptional, an English trifle is good for pigging out on. Like with all foods a favourite depends on my mood and funnily enough what I have been cooking.”
Danny had been living on the streets for eighteen months before coming here after his own mother had thrown him out for being ‘a demon spawned mutant’. He loved having a bed. Mind you he had loved having a mom too.
“I know next to nothing about German food Kurt, we should see about getting someth8ing on the menu. Any suggestions?”
When the phone call started Danny slipped his ear buds in and listened to Militia Vox until Kurt’s call had finished.
“Ready?” Danny looked at Kurt his brow crinkled. “Ready for what?”

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