21: The Antidote to Righteousness

Luna wasn’t just mutant friendly she was everyone friendly, plus she employed Nori and had not batted an eyelid when her waitress came in one day as her waiter. Grindstone was popular because of the breads Luna cooked each day, some would call them artisan breads but they nearly always sold out and sold out early. People liked fresh bread.
“Real milk, got it,” she said to Ethan. “I didn’t do macaroons today, but I have some nice cocadas.”
“Hey I thought you only had two?”
“That’s what I told you Noah.”
“No fair.”
Luna looked back at Ethan. “Like I said we have some nice cocadas which your schoolmate has vouched for.”
“Traitor!” Noah called out.
“Put a sock in it, ballet boy. So, Ethan, cocada?” she asked as she went to get the cakes.
A brunette girl from the sofa group was at the counter and smiled at Ethan. “She is not wrong about the cocadas. But the lemon bars… Yummy.”
“Go sit Ethan,” Luna told him, “I will bring your coffee over when it’s ready. Noah has something he wants to ask you.”

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