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Summary: OMG! Did I just tell you to chill? My bad.

Bobby Drake

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Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: Faculty

Other Names

Iceman, though he dislikes this appellation as it sounds naff, like something from an old comic book.

Height & Weight

5' 11" tall and weighing in at 160lbs

Appearance & Personal Stats

Light brown hair and bluish eyes.


Teacher and mentor.
X support staff.




Bobby Drake is Iceman, he is from an alternate reality where things went really bad and the world was obliterated in a space/time disaster. He and a twelve year old Franklin Richards ended up here thanks to the boy's mutant power and Bobby's close proximity when the Earth vanished. Franklin now lives at the Future Foundation with his family, who are surprised to have a new twelve year old addition to their ranks.


Pretty much anything the Iceman from the comics can do.


Ice, you name it he can do it.

Miscellaneous Information

Bobby dropped the 'man' from his codename as he always thought it sounded particularly naff and way too comicbooky.
He is investigating what happened to the people he knew as X-Men.
Warren Worthington, middle aged and wingless, he runs the family corporation and is one of the Institute's backers. He has never met Bobby prior to his arrival in this reality.
Jean Grey died in an asylum when she was fifteen.
Hank McCoy - No trace.
Scott Summers, joined the navy and subsequently disappeared.
Bobby Drake lives in Boston with his family where he is an accountant, and he is forty eight years old.

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Image of Bobby Drake
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