18: Moonstone

Moonstone while hiding was also looking for some way to get out. She saw a closed windoe. She ran for it determined to hit it as hard as she could. She could see things were getting smaller. Especially the short one. She didn't understand what was going on. "Gotta away. Mu'ants bad. Mu'tants hunted." She jumped through breaking the windoe. She ran around looking for someplace to hide. "Where go hide?" All the places she usually hid she was too big for now or they were too small. "Where go hide?" Her right shoulder hurt it felt like something was in it. She stopped to try and look at her shoulder. She could see part of the windoe in it but she couldn't grab it with her teeth. She managed to push it in farther. She howled in pain.

She frantically ran all over the place but there was nowhere to hide. She did her best to avoid any tall ones or short ones. She nearly ran into a short one but managed to move out of the way in time only to run headfirst into a tree. She wabbled around for a bit dazed, she saw doubles (could be a student/teacher capable of duplicating themselves). She eventually collapsed onto her left side.

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