18: Moonstone

When Moonstone woke up the first thing she noticed was she was no longer out in the open, wherever it was reminded her of the vet. The second thing she noticed everything seemed back to normal. There was a tall one not paying attention to her. She looked around for a way to sneak out. There was an open vent near the ceiling she quietly jumped down from the table she was on. She walked low to the ground and slowly towards the wall. Once below the open vent, she started climbing the wall like she did trees. Once in the vent she started looking for a way out.

She peered through a vent and found a room full of short ones, they seemed scared to her. She wondered if they were victoms too. She found another vent it peered over an empty office. The vent was loose. She stuck her paw through and felt around. When she found what she was looking for she started turning it. It was slow going and she stopped numerous times when she heard the thuds of tall one feet. She eventually was able to loosen the gate enough to make it swing out of the way.

She leapt down from the vent and landed on a desk. She went to the thing she always saw tall ones talking on to. She knocked the part they held off. She tried to remember the number for emurgincies the tall ones at her last family were teaching their short ones. Before she could press any someone stopped at the door and started coming in. She jumped into the chair and hid under the desk.

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